In this article, we will discuss how to create a dynamic link in iOS Manually using a firebase console.

Firebase Dynamic Links:

If you want to read about Firebase Dynamic Link and to know how to set up a dynamic link on the console you can read about it from here in which I describe in detail what is firebase and how to set it up.

So let’s get started but first, we will discuss a few things which are important while creating a dynamic link. When we create a dynamic link from console it can’t be editable but only the properties of it. If you try to edit it in code by yourself then it will not work and shows an error when you use it.

Now click on New Dynamic Link then you will be redirected to the setup view. In the first step, you have to set up the dynamic link by making the prefix unique and accurate.

Step 1

Now click next and in the second step we will set up the dynamic link Properties. In this step we have two fields:

  1. Deep-link URL
  2. Dynamic Link name

This URL is used when the user opens this dynamic link in desktop or laptop then it will be redirected to this URL that you enter in this step. The second one is the name of the dynamic link which is useful in tracking the data.

Step 2

Now click Next. In the third step, we will define dynamic link behaviour for the iPhone application. Here firebase provides us with two options.

  1. Open the deep link URL in a browser
  2. Open the deep link in your iOS App

if you don’t have an iOS application then you can choose the first option so the deep link will be automatically redirected to the given URL which you enter in Step 1. But, if you have iOS application and you want that when the user opens the deep link your application will open then chose the second option but you have to make sure that your iOS and Android apps are added and configure properly in a firebase console setting otherwise, you didn’t get your device while setting these options and if you didn’t configure properly then it will not redirect properly to your app or store.

Select the second option and then from the dropdown select the iOS application which you want to open when dynamic link hit. If you didn’t see any iOS application in the list then you have to configure your iOS application in firebase setting and then after configuration select App. You can also have some other options below app selection read them and select it as you want.

Step 3

Now click next. In the fourth step, we will define link behaviour for android application. In this step, we also have the same options as we select in the previous step for iOS App.

Step 4

Now click next. In the fifth step, we will configure campaign tracking and social tags. When the iOS or Android application is not installed then it will be redirected to the static web page where you have a store link and application description and the data display there will be filled in this step. I am using dummy data but you have to make sure that every field will be filled according to the application.

Step 5

Now click create and it will create a dynamic link and then redirected to dashboard with a dynamic link created. Here you can track the number of clicks.


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