Hey there, what’s up?

My name is Muneeb Ali Arshad and iOS developer from Rawalpindi, Pakistan. I have 4+ years of experience in iOS Development. Worked on many third-party APIs and core functionality like API Integration, Google Map, Mapkit, Firebase, Coredata, and many more.


  • iOS development: Intermediate
  • Swift: Intermediate
  • Objective-C: Basic

iOS: Swift, Objective-C, Cocoa Touch, Storyboard, Xib, auto-layouts, Core Animation, Core Location, In-App Purchase, Remote Notification.

Frameworks: Alamofire, Firebase, Google Map, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics, Fabric, MapKit.

Design Patterns: MVC, MVVM, Singleton, Delegate, Closure.

Tools: XCode, TestFlight, Cocoa Pods, Git, Redmine, Jira, Android Studio.

Best Practices: Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Protocol Oriented Programming (POP), Design Patterns, User Experience (UI/UX), Agile Methodology.

I am a social person


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